His Mountain Lady

She headed out to the woods to be alone…

Ruby Locke needs to heal her disillusioned heart, and complete her photography guide-book. A hike in the mountains is where she’ll accomplish both. But, annoyingly, a fit, handsome woodsman keeps crossing her path. No matter how hard she tries to avoid and ignore him, their routes intertwine and he keeps showing up just when she needs him! But she’s had enough of men for a while… hasn’t she?

Taylor McCrae doesn’t know what to make of the spirited, independent photographer who keeps interrupting his peaceful solitude. He’s come to Vancouver Island’s biggest provincial park for a much-needed break from his tech company. So, while he appreciates Ruby’s beauty, her impetuous nature irritates him. Still, he can’t ignore a woman in peril… or attraction between them when he rescues her… yet again!

Will 2 weeks in the woods together change their lives?