Greek Holiday

A seaside get-away… what more could a woman want?
Rachel Everland is finally taking her dream holiday to the quaint Greek island of Aegina.  A widow and recent empty-nester, she is there for a yoga retreat, to recuperate and plan her newly independent life.  She is not looking for the complication of a relationship with a tall, dark, charismatic local.  Besides she doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after anymore… But maybe just a fling?
Mateo Adamos is enchanted by the auburn haired Canadian.  Despite his busy schedule managing a Bed-and-Breakfast chain, he takes her hiking, boating, swimming… and to bed!  One problem: to him this isn’t a fling, it’s the real thing. Greece has captured her heart, but can he?

“This was such a lovely story and a really nice escape from these trying times! The author does a wonderful job of creating characters that you end up feeling like you know and of making you want to know what’s going to happen next. I was so eager to pick up the book after work everyday and I’m hoping there will be a sequel in the future. As a single woman in her 40’s, it left me feeling warm, fuzzy and hopeful!”
~ Cynthia L

“Really enjoyable. I looked forward to picking it up at night and joining the characters and enjoying getting to know them and their experiences. Engaging story with great characters”
~ Kris J

“A charming story.  With characters that you will be rooting for and places you will be planning to visit. The eternal dance of a new relationship. It’s hard to put down and time will get away from you.”
~ Shawn H

“Reading Greek Holiday was literally that, like being on a vacation in beautiful, mesmerizing Greece, with the added bonus of a beautiful love story. The writer so perfectly captures the essence of Greece you will feel the sun on your face and your heart will be moved as you feel for the lovers as they find their way into each other’s hearts.”
~ Tina C