Rachel Everland is finally taking her dream holiday to the quaint Greek island of Aegina. A widow and recent empty-nester, she is there for a yoga retreat, to recuperate and plan her newly independent life. She is not looking for the complication of a relationship with a tall, dark, charismatic local. Besides she doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after anymore… But maybe just a fling?

Mateo Adamos is enchanted by the auburn haired Canadian. Despite his busy schedule managing a Bed-and-Breakfast chain, he takes her hiking, boating, swimming… and to bed! One problem: to him this isn’t a fling, it’s the real thing. Greece has captured her heart, but can he?

Rebecca lives on beautiful Hornby Island where she creates mystical ocean-themed sculptures. Between her supportive group of friends, her daily beach walks and her work, her eclectic life is satisfying and full. When she meets the captivating Cameron, however, her entire world shifts on its axis. Their passionate affair stirs up a storm of emotions that Rebecca must come to terms with if she wants Cameron in her future.

Cameron owns an upscale home in downtown Vancouver and has a lucrative job travelling the world, for a successful magazine. When Cameron makes the fateful trip to Hornby Island to interview Rebecca, his outlook on life takes a decidedly dramatic turn. He’s mesmerized by her elusive, enchanting spirit, her lovely face and voluptuous body. Rebecca’s island lifestyle is the antithesis of his, yet he feels a compelling yearning to embrace it, and the woman he’s come to adore.

Ruby Locke needs to heal her disillusioned heart, and complete her photography guide-book. A hike in the mountains is where she’ll accomplish both. But, annoyingly, a fit, handsome woodsman keeps crossing her path. No matter how hard she tries to avoid and ignore him, their routes intertwine and he keeps showing up just when she needs him! But she’s had enough of men for a while… hasn’t she?

Taylor McCrae doesn’t know what to make of the spirited, independent photographer who keeps interrupting his peaceful solitude. He’s come to Vancouver Island’s biggest provincial park for a much-needed break from his tech company. So, while he appreciates Ruby’s beauty, her impetuous nature irritates him. Still, he can’t ignore a woman in peril… or attraction between them when he rescues her… yet again!

Rheba Watson owns and manages a quaint café that’s drowning in inherited debt. She’s put the business up for sale—what choice does she have? But she’s a determined, independent woman, and she doesn’t really want to sell. It’s her beloved aunt’s legacy and the only career she’s ever had. Can she actually let it go?

When a dark sexy stranger rides into Invermere, BC, on his classic Norton, looking to invest in her small but growing town, she’s not so keen to have Simon Blades buy the coffee shop and bail her out. As Simon negotiates a deal with the strong-willed blond beauty, he starts to fall for her… But she’s mighty prickly when he wants to take over running the business!

Can their power struggle turn into something more romantic?