His Island Lady

Can she love him and let him go?

Passion, angst and unyielding ideals collide in this Pacific Northwest love story.

Set on a charmed island in the Pacific Ocean, an artist and a world traveler come together in this captivating tale of passionate love and uncompromising ideals.

Rebecca lives on beautiful Hornby Island where she creates mystical ocean-themed sculptures. Between her supportive group of friends, her daily beach walks and her work, her eclectic life is satisfying and full. When she meets the captivating Cameron, however, her entire world shifts on its axis. Their passionate affair stirs up a storm of emotions that Rebecca must come to terms with if she wants Cameron in her future.

Cameron owns an upscale home in downtown Vancouver and has a lucrative job travelling the world,  for a successful magazine. When Cameron makes the fateful trip to Hornby Island to interview Rebecca, his outlook on life takes a decidedly dramatic turn. He’s mesmerized by her elusive, enchanting spirit, her lovely face and voluptuous body.  Rebecca’s island lifestyle is the antithesis of his, yet he feels a compelling yearning to embrace it, and the woman he’s come to adore.

Can Rebecca and Cameron weave together their disparate lives to create a lasting love?

“I loved this book.  I couldn’t put it down…  I wanted to know how it ended.  Mix beautiful locations, believable people, and sensational interludes of sex, this is a no-holds-barred description of what happens when two people encounter each other and emotions soar unexpectedly.  Robynn Honeychurch challenges the reader to reflect on what aspects of life have to be explored and even forgiven to clear the way for a committed relationship.  {Her} writing brings all of this alive.”
~ Jennifer Holden

“I absolutely loved this book! I have read all of Robynn’s books so far and have thoroughly enjoyed each one.  If you want to “stroke th fire” in your current relationship or just “escape to another location” Robynn’s novels will help you do just that, especially “His Island Lady”.”

~ Tanya Borden

His Island Lady explored these feelings and the consuming passion of new love while taking me on a journey to beautiful Vancouver Island… Unforgettable!

~ Andrea Wilson